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Zarranath (Zarranathurian in Elvish ) is the Elven God of Magyk and Dragons and is Patron to High Elves and Mages. He is a very successful God and is revered by almost every race that performs magyk.

Role in the Kativan WarsEdit

Zarranath provided magykal support to the elvish armies in the first two wars. In the Third, he has been unable to help; except by empowering his followers further and trying to lessen the magyk of the Kativans.

Zarranathian ReligionEdit

The Teachings of Zarranath's prophet, Gimah'rn, says that discipline and focus are required to learn magyk and thereby becoming closer to Magyrurian, which is to become one with the magykal energies which Zarranath Commands. While the religion has nothing to say about basic morals, it does mention the importance of not using magyk to further your own goals and using it rather to further the goals of the Magyrurian.

It is important to note that one does not need to be affiliated at all with Zarranath to do magyk. The use of Magyk does not have anything to do with Zarranath, but Zarranathians have more powerful magyk available to them.

The Zarranathian Ideaology, according to the "Tome of Gimah'rn" goes as follows:

"Clear your mind of earthly matters and let thineself be disciplined and focused in the study of the Great Master's art. Never use the art to further your own goals, but rather use them to further the goals of the Great Master and his eternal magyks. Whenst thou hast devoted thy life to the study of the art and thou has used it to serve the Great Lord well, thou shalt be clean and pure. And whenst thou be clean and pure, be this in this life or the next. Thou shalt be one with the Great Master and his eternal magyks. Thou shalt be one with Magyrurian."

Places of Worship (Sudbaya)Edit

Zarranath has a temple in Thorim , as well as shrines in Wesheim and Shinyd. His high priest in Sudbaya is Zelian.

Zarranath has four wayshrines in Sudbaya. They are located on roads between Shinyd and Hammerhold, Arun and Feldip, Selom and Torin and Temir and Thorim.

Chief AngelsEdit

Zarranath has two cheif angels:

  • Mederan, the angel of magyk, who commands 5000 angels.
  • Gimah'rn, the ascended prophet of Zarranath, who is messenger of Zarranath and commands no angels.