West Peramol
West Peramol

Area (estimated)


Number of Settlements

To be updated

Population (estimated)


Main Religion

Nyrdic Faith




West Peramol, Icevale Bandits, Tonjirian Army

Main Languages



Chieftainship (subdivided areas ruled by lords)


Grunnan Glonber

West Peramolian Army

Official Soldiers

1 Tonjirian Commander, 4 Tonjirian Mages, 9 Tonjirian Snipers, 10 Tonjirian Scouts, 5 Tonjirian Engineers, 22 Tonjirian Elites and 60 Tonjirian Soldiers





West Peramol - Subdivisions
West Peramol (divided)
A Map of West Peramol showing the 5 lordings

Types of Subdivision

Lordings (Land ruled by lords)

Number of Subdivisions



Orwin, Braaten, Norda, Mosfel and The Free Land

West Peramol is a hold in the Tonjirian Province of Sudbaya. It stretches from the Peramol Icesheets to roughly 200m south of Norda, the hold capitol. It is led by the Chieftain of Norda. It is one of the least influencial holds in Sudbaya along with East Peramol .

West Peramol can be divided into 5 lordings: Orwin, The Free Land, Mosfel, BraatenNorda. It is about 3.8km long (from border to border following the shore) and about 0.68km wide (from shore to the Unending Blizzard), hence making it roughly 2.6km2 in area (roughly).



Icevale Bandit Camp

Cities and VillagesEdit


Forts, Castles and StrongholdsEdit

Fort Mosfel

Icevale Bandit Stronghold


Alfentad Farm

Braaten Farm

Bramsloek Farm

Froiland Farm

Garnapl Farm

Jorfulin Farm

Jormindil Farm

Lopnil Farm

Merkanov Farm

Mofnil Farm

Mosfel Farm

Vallnir Farm

Yardsic Farm

Guard HousesEdit

Guard House by the Peramol Icesheet

Inns, Taverns and StablehousesEdit

The Drunken Foal

Manors and HousesEdit

Braaten Manor

Boathouse by the Far Mosfel Rocks

Orwin Manor

Temples, Abbeys and MonasteriesEdit

Mosfel Abbey

Towers and LighthousesEdit

Alfentad Tower

Braaten Tower

East Norda Tower

Far Mosfel Lighthouse

Mosfel Tower

South Norda Tower


Caverns and CavesEdit

Cangron Caves

Clovenjuun Cave

Nabmer Caverns

The Iceberg Caverns

Unimgraan Caves

Yskaan Cave


Birnam Mine

Braaten Mine

Colun Mine

Clovenjuun Mine

Fljoten Mine

Fritail Mine

Gerlman Cobweb Mine

Grebness Mine

Guldenwil Mine

Icemire Mine

Klefer Mine

Lumgaard Mine

Njaranov Mine

North Norda Mine

Obledin Mine

Ooankuljuund Mine

Osfivol Mine  

Solvengraf Mine

South Norda Mine

Volgrad Mine

Yskaan Mine

Zusabuuk Mine


Arlmur Tomb

Baragoran Tomb

Birnam Tomb

Blargan Tomb

Cangron Tomb

Dedoran Tomb

Far Mosfel Tomb

Grimengold Tomb

Gunlaugenstaur Tomb

Hildisne Tomb

Hoagin Tomb

Hollreif Tomb

Kyrtlammen Tomb

Mikland Tomb

Milingron Tomb

Moflammen Tomb

Moflunir Tomb

Moflvern Tomb

Moolsgnum Tomb

Mosfel Tomb

Nimgeir Tomb

Oddigeir Tomb

Panengruun Tomb

Polfunil Tomb

Raousgil Tomb

Sethren Tomb

Sherknol Tomb  

Sigmundigaur Tomb  

Silfrastahal Tomb  

Skoffi Tomb

The Tomb of King Fjorland of the Nimhin

Tomb of the Chieftains

Unimgraan Tomb

Vjondilgir Tomb

Volgrad Tomb

Vuurnfall Tomb

Yrnfall Tomb


Ancient Sites of PowerEdit

Ancient Site of Power in Orwin Manor Lake

Ancient Site of Power in Mosfel Abbey

Ancient Site of Power in Froiland Farm


Alfentad Waygate

Clovenjuun Waygate

Fjell Peramol Waygate

Lopnil Waygate

Mofnil Waygate

Mosfel Waygate

Nimgeir Waygate

Orwin Waygate

Werdenper Waygate


Wayshrine to Fiskorn

Wayshrine to Odlum

Natural FeaturesEdit


Werdenper Island

Mountains and RocksEdit

Clovenjuun Rock

Far Mosfel Rocks

Fjell Peramol

Peramol Iceberg

Groves and ForestsEdit

Fjell Peramol Grove

Mosfel Wilderness

Ruins and WrecksEdit


Clovenjuun Tower

Fjell Peramol Tower

North Norda Tower

Ruined Mosfel Buildings

Ruined Mosfel Fortress

Cities, Towns and other SettlementsEdit

Nimgeir Ruins


The Rasende (wreck)

The Sjokniv (wreck)

The Skjult (wreck)

The Stolt (wreck)

The Trofaste (wreck)

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