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Wesheim Province

Wesheim province

The Wesheim Province is one of the smallest, yet most militarily powerful provinces in Sudbaya. It is boredered by the Ormyrian Province, Sykdnjirian Province , Tonjirian Province and the Thorim province. It is inhabitted predominately by humans, and it's capital city is Wesheim.The Wesheim region is bitterly cold for most of the year, and very little vegetation grows away from the 3 main rivers. Aditionally Wesheim has a mountain range along it's far Eastern border.

Geography and ClimateEdit

Wesheim is mainly flat, although it does have three mountains at the source of the Wesheim river. The only fertile land in Wesheim is along the banks of the Wesheim, the Nasholm, and the Cosnjir rivers. Wesheim is much colder than Ormyr, and has very low density vegetation due to it's lower temperatures.


Wildlife includes pine trees, oak trees, yew trees, foxes, wolves, bears and seals.


Wesheimian culture is based around their military; as such, they have the best trained, and best equipped military force in Sudbaya.

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