Wesheim is a large city located at the mouth of the Wesheim river. It is the capital of the Wesheim Province and is the largest city in the province. It has a population of roughly 4750 adults. Wesheim was founded in the early 3E4000s by the Wul Tribe, with the name Wulheim. It was later renamed to Wesheim.


North: Jemheim

West: The Nyrdic Ocean

South: Amakir

East: The Frozen Wastes

Points of InterestEdit

Wesheim is arguably the military capital of Sudbaya, with a soldier-civilian ratio higher than any other city in Sudbaya. It is, however, also a highly succesful trading port; but not as successful as Thorim.

Within the city, there are many shops for those wishing to purchase items and guilds and training areas, for those who wish to hone their combat skills. Wesheim used to have a combat arena even bigger than the one in Tonjir, but it burned down during the great fire of 4E490. It is currently being rebuilt and is planned to be finished by the year 4E496.

Wesheim is also home to the temple of Harth, kept by the priest, Ahrim.


See History for details.

Wesheim was founded in the early 3E4000s by the Wul Tribe, with the name Wulheim, which later became Wesheim.


Although actual details are classified and are not revealed, there are about 705 soldiers stationed in Wesheim at any given time, with about 4E470 conscripted reserves from the city alone ready to pick up arms to defend the city if needs be.

The Wesheim navy stationed in Wesheim has three Galleon-class longships with about 40 crew members aboard each. At any given time, the navy can commandeer about 5-15 fishing boats into small light attack boats.

Wesheim also has command over 2 seige weapons located in its workshops.



As of yet, no quests are started in Wesheim.

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