A Waykey is an item that allows the user to teleport to any waygate that they have discovered and activated. One is given to Kael early in the Realm of Magyk storyline. The waygate itself is a gem/crystal usually enchanted to store waygate locations. Most waykey's are sold blank, and as a result the user must first travel to the location of the waygate and bring the gem/crystal to the waygate, to store it's location. The waykey itself does not require anything more than close proximity to a waygate, to store it's "address" or location, and once the location is stored the user must merely think of the location, or of a sensation experienced there, they wish to go to prior to entering the waygate. The waykey usually is imprinted on by it's user, and as a result, even emotions or sensations can be used to identify a location. This adds an extra layer of security as should the user predominantly use sensations or emotions to convey location, then it is neigh impossible for someone else to discern the locations where the user has been, or for them to travel to those locations. The nature of the enchantments used in the waykey prevent anyone save the Waygate Network from accessing the stored locations in the gem. However many have tried to fool the waykey into providing the addresses (by posing as a waygate), though the act is met with mixed success.


Waykeys are usually about palm sized gems, and are typically sown into the clothing of frequent travellers, but they can be set into weapons and even enchanted weapons provided the enchantment doesnt directly interfere with the gem's magyk. Waykeys are not common place however, being quite expensive due to the cost of the actual gem, and the numerous enchantments and bindings involved.


Waykey Manual

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