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The War of the Gods


5 Years


Several Million +


Many Gods and their mortal servants

Defining Battles

None in Particular

Fought Over

The entire world

The War of the Gods (6729-6734), which is also incorrectly reffered to as 'The Battle of the Gods', was a war within the 2nd Kativan War.

The Build UpEdit

See Kativan Wars for more details

In 6729, a Xilaskar Party managed to close the demon portal in the Dark Citadel during the Battle of the Dark Citadel. They all lost their lives, but managed to stop the Kativans constant supply of aid from Daemonrealm. Kativa, in response, managed to find a loophole in the pact which prevented Gods from entering Ulvania, and brought in Gods allied to herself. Outraged, the rest of the Gods ended the pact and too entered Ulvania.

The WarEdit

In the first few years, the Gods worked together to attack Kativa and managed to defeat a number of Kativan-aligned Gods. However, in the last three years of the war, the Gods began to attack each other and soon chaos erupted all across Ulvania.

The BanishmentEdit

Working together, Casiel, The Sacen Pantheon and a number of other Gods and immortals (including Tamlin) performed a ritual invoking The Almighty One. Massive amounts of magykal power surged throughout Ulvania and cast the Gods (Kativa's allies, her enemies and even the Gods who invoked the almighty One's power) from Ulvania. Kativa was not affected and neither were any demi-gods or immortals who had not achieved divinity. This lead to speculation as to whether Kativa was a divine or not.

Along with the banishment of the Gods, a firm shield was created over the fabric of the Realm, making it impossible for extra-dimensional portals to exist for longer than a minute maximum without added reinforcement.


The War of the Gods

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