The Vetteri are an ancient, presently extinct civilisation, which reached their peak in the late second era. Little remains of their technology, as ruins have almost completely been buried or destroyed in the millenia since their existence. It is believed that the Vetteri were a race similar to present day humans, albeit taller. Considering the lack of ruins and artifacts, it is exceptionally difficult to speculate on the reasons for the disappearance of the Vetteri civilisation. It is widely accepted by intellectuals that the Vetteri were masters of planar magyk, and most likely were on the verge of mastering extra-planar magyk before their disappearance.

Theories On DisappearanceEdit

One of the more popular theories is that they created their own plane of existence, and moved into that plane. This is wholly possible, as what little ruins and artifacts that have been found, have been exceedingly technologically advanced, and baffling to those who wish to learn their secrets.

Some theories speculate that the Vetteri are still with us today, having mastered extraplanar magyk, and "ascended" to godhood. This has been a controversial theory as it would suggest that mortals may become gods, which is generally rejected by most religions. The counter argument being that if an entire civilisation ascended, then there would be many more gods, however it is also possible that only a few learnt how to control the extraplanar magyk (by making themselves focuses for it, rather than using the gatestones), before the knowledge was lost. (possibly destroyed by newly ascended gods to prevent others from making the same mistake, or destroyed by the Almighty One to prevent a mass ascention of those which might cause havok across the realm.

Another theory suggests that the civilisation was torn from the inside out, and the resulting civil war wiped out the Vetteri, survivors then scattered to the four winds, and slowly lost their technology, thus making modern humans decendants of the Vetteri.


Vetteri technology is characterised by the extensive usage of magyk, and magykal inscriptions. Their style of writing is very geometric, and uses very few curves. This is echoed in all of their constructions, as sharp angles and straight edges make up almost all of their architecture found. The usage of precise geometric shapes extends also to an obsession with the shape U (replace curve with straight line) and chevrons.

Vetteri technological style is clearly either influenced by the gods, or had influenced the very gods themselves. This has been used in arguments that the gods are in fact just "ascended" Vetteri. This is supported by the existence of Waygates, which commonly believed to have been created by the Vetteri under divine instruction.

Stories Involving VetteriEdit

The Legend of Nidud - It has been speculated that the standing stones are Vetteri constructions.

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