Gratharian Trinity


Truth, Order


Star of Veros, The Sword of Truth



Physical Form(s)

A Human male

Chief Angels

Aldoth and Milas

Veros is the central Gratharian deity in the Gratharian Trinity. Although some believe him to be the father of humanity, creator of Uvania, etc. He is generally accepted to be the god of truth, law, justice and good.

Role in Kativan WarsEdit

Veros played an enormous part in the Kativan Wars. He gathered thousands of Eremids and later Gratharians to fight Kativa. He slaughtered millions and destroyed thousands of hectares of land in the Battle of the Gods.

Verosian ReligionEdit

See here for full article.

Places of WorshipEdit


Veros has only two temples in all of Sudbaya . The first is in Thorim which is shared with Iudex . It is kept by Charles Hawthorn.

The second is a small temple in Harad. He also has shrines in all the capitals.

Veros has wayshrines between:

Tementyr and Amanyr

Zantholm and Secholm

Thorim and Astryn

Tegras and Holm

Chief AngelsEdit

Veros's chief angels are:

Aldoth , angel of truth who commands over 8 000 angels.

Milas , angel of order who commands over 8000 angels.


Of Truth and Order

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