Wesheim Province

Wesheim province, showing Veltir in between Nasholm and Cosnjir

Veltir is a Kativan fortress located on the coastline of Wesheim Province. Like all Prodi/Kativan-controlled settlements in Sudbaya, was once a normal, province controlled settlement, before being taken over by the Prodi and Kativans.


NORTH: Cosnjir (along coast)

EAST: Nasholm river

SOUTH: Nasholm (along coast)

WEST: Nyrdic Ocean

Points of InterestEdit

Veltir is off limits for all people who aren't identified as either Prodi or Kativan. Inside its walls, there is supposedly a portal, similar to that in Hemenskir, that supplies Veltir with troops.


See here for information.


Commander Luk'hil - One of the Kativan commanders posted around Sudbaya, Commander Luk'hil is known to be a fierce demon commander, bt little else is known about him.


Rebellion takes place in Veltir

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