Vallnir Farm - Produce

Main Crops

Wheat and Corn

Minor Crops

Onions, Carrots, Potatoes, Garlic





Vallnir farm is a small farm (about 14 000m squared) north of Orwin Manor and north of Yardsic Farm. It is kept by Mr Vallnir, but is owned by Lord Soren Orwin.


A list of Residents and their ages and sexes (if applicable):

Mr Vallnir (51, male)

13 Farmers (28, 18, 39, 18, 50, 47, 22, 23, 17, male and 19, 45, 19, 21, female)

2 Pigmaids (24, 20, female)

1 Male Guard

3 Female Guards

1 Baby boy (2)

1 Baby girl (4)

3 Young boys (14, 15, 9)

2 Young girls (11, 14)

1 Woman (47)


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Mr Vallnir's son is a 28 year old farmer. He is married to a 24 year old pigmaid and they have 2 children, a son (2) and a daughter (4). The 24 year old pigmaid is the daughter of the 39 year old farmer and a 47 year old woman, who also had 4 other daughters (daughters aged 11 and 14, a farmer daughter aged 19 and a 20 year old pigmaid). The 20 year old pigmaid is married to an 18 year old farmer and the 19 year old farmer daughter is married to an 18 year old farmer.

The 47 year old farmer is married to the 45 year old farmer. They have 6 sons, aged 9, 14, 15, 17, 22, 23, the 3 oldest being farmers. The 22 year old is married to a 19 year old farmer and the 23 year old is married to a 21 year old farmer.

Everyone else is not directly related to eachother


Vallnir farm is one of a few farms which is not entirely managed by a single family. Other farms like this include Yardsic farm.

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