I have a lot of tombs in my maps, and they need filling. I'm gonna take historical kings, leaders, heroes, etc. from timelines and lores, and stuff them into appropriate tombs. Here's a list of corpse candidates and any additional information if necessary. If a tomb has been found for the occupant, the individual will be crossed out.

  • Anyone sealed in a cave must be placed in a cave instead
  • A dishonourable death may mean that a number of dishonourable practices may have been involved in the tombing (beheading, mutilation, etc.)


Ormyrian Province


King Bjorn of the Orm

Sykdnjirian Province


King Fargus of the Syk

Thorim Province

Tem Hold

King Argus the Cruel of the Temir

King Hrad of the Temir

King Balgruuf of the Temir

King Argus II of the Temir

King Ralof of the Temir

Wesheim Province

Harad Hold

King Nidud of the Harad

King Torr of the Harad (sealed in a cave)

Matriarch Verdundi of the Harad

Matriarch Urdi of the Harad

Matriarch Skuldi of the Harad (dishonourable death)

Wul Hold

King Volund of the Wul

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