~~The Legend of Okshelten Avtrin~~

Long before the Kativan wars, the Nyrds were a great empire. Their empire spanned from the Sacedpict Plains to the Frozen Wastes, The Laurentian Highlands to the Frostlands, from Baya to Balta.

Born 13 Veros 2143, Okshelten Avtrin, roughly translating to The Axe Hero of Trintr, was a mighty hero of the Nyrds. He slew mammoths at the age of twelve and dragons at fifteen. When he was 19, he could take on an Elder Wyrm. He was a hero of legends.

When Okshelten was 34, in the year 2177, he was king of Sudbaya, his capitol was the mighty castle in Trintr. The Ice goblin tribe, the Snowlips, had waged war with Sudbaya (then only a province of Nyrdland). Okshelten had his own problems however. Several years back, when fighting the poisonous scorpions of Sacedpict, he had been poisoned severely. He had been having nightmares ever since. He was able to use the nightmares, at first, to predict events and battles, but as the years went by, they were getting worse and worse, his prophecies expanding to the far future.

In 2179, as the goblin hordes were retreating, Okshelten built an underground tomb where he decided to monsters till he fell...a warriors death. But this death never came. He fell into a coma before entering the tomb. He had nightmares of huge, demonic wars and empires rising and falling. Seers gathered around him to attempt to view his dreams. What they saw was wierd and puzzling.

400 years after the 4, which is after the 10 000 of the 3. 3 numbers where the 4 is first. The 1st is added to the 3rd to make the second. In this year the world shall fall or be saved, it is the heroes who must decide.

The possible dates are as follows:

440, 451, 462, 473, 484, 495

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