I'm going to start working with UDK, so I thought I could share what I'm doing with it. I'll porbably forget or something, but I'll try to post regularly.

The Begining

I've been searching around for some tutorials and I found a very reliable one here. I'm trying to take it slow and understand everything the people say. If I understand what something does, then I know how to do it and how to do my own stuff based from that information, no?

I've just learnt how to make your own directory, update scripts into the engine and create pawns. Its a start.

New tuts

Ok...that tut was actually crap. But this one seems to be very reliable... I've learnt a lot more from it in any case, like parents, children and creating an object and what everything in the below code does.

class MyNote extends Note;

var( ) string MyString;

var string AnotherString;

I am on my way to awesomeness!

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