Before we carry on, I think it's important to just state in what order the party members are know, to start developing a storyline and making sure party banter is accurate. This also has their recruitment mission.

1st Batch

Osric Silas - Go to Turund and convince a mob to stop pestering Osric

Karrin Lovac - Go to Norda and recruit Karrin. Help her defeat a prodi bounty hunting group

2nd Batch

Nigel Avtrin - Go to Tonjir and form a gladiatoral team with Nigel to help him win the trophy

Rebbecca Kappu - Go to Ormyrban and enter the backalleys. She will pickpocket you. Chase her and catch her and offer her mercy and she will join you.

3rd Batch

Charles Hawthorn - Go to Thorim and convince a crowd to fight Kativa. Then keep Charles safe from prodi bounty hunters

Pilgrim - Go to Zoratin and go through some ancient ruins to find Pilgrim, who is searching for the High Monk

4th Batch

Whisper - Go to Longmyr and save Whisper from a Kativan raid

Dorgan McCullen - Go to Sykdnjir and survive the prison break. Hide Dorgan from the wardens to get him to join you

5th Batch

Terenas Valhan - Help him raid and free the town of Veltir from Kativan influence. He will then join you.

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