I have been composing various pieces for Realm of Magyk now and have found the need to compile a list of works and works to be.

As I compose new themes, I'll add them to the list for reference (forgive spacing issues...the wiki hates my blogs).


Main Themes

Realm of Magyk Main Theme

Piece needs remixing and some editing, but theme is in place :)

Character Themes

D&D Campaign

Becket's Theme

Cobalt Crimsonhoof's Theme

  • Happy
  • Sad

Lyrian's Theme

  • Happy
  • Sad

Morgh Khaz's Theme

Myra's Theme

Realm of Magyk

Location/Faction Themes

Desert Theme

Piece needs remixing, but theme is in place

High Council Theme

As used in my March

Kativan/Evil/Danger Theme

The descending chord phrase in Am (Am, G#dim, F, E)

Emotion Themes

Ethereal Theme

Horror/Suspense Theme

As used in "We are not alone", primarily the piano part

Love Theme (used in Naye ves Metav)

Piece needs vocals or something instead of a music box, but yeah

Other Themes

Arcane Insane Theme

Not sure what to use it for yet (the theme towards the end, played by the violins constantly)


See Chapter 9: The Fight Pits for a fair example of how I am going to combine themes to create pieces

What I need to do

As you can see, there is stuff clearly missing, especially for Realm of Magyk. I will have to compose themes for the following:

Main Themes

Character Themes

D&D Campaign

Damien Theme

Hogane Theme

Tanahera Theme

Xeno Zed Theme

Zasprov Theme

Realm of Magyk

Osric Theme

Karrin Theme

Rebecca Theme

Nigel Theme

Charles Theme

Pilgrim Theme

Whisper Theme

Dorgan Theme

Terenas Theme

Tamlin Theme

Location/Faction Themes

Centaur Theme

Nomad Theme

Orc Theme Sudbaya Theme

Tranholm Theme

Emotion Themes

Other Themes

So now what?

Well, the easiest way for me to do this is probably just to push on with pieces, adding themes as they become necessary.

So I'll start, as my experiment with 'lied motif' (or however it's spelt), with the D&D chapters. I've already done Chapter 9: The Fight Pits, so I may as well do the others.

Chapter 1: Attack on XilZun Hill

Ok, now let's just analyse the story:

  1. High Council calls a summons in the Nomad plains
  2. People (and main characters) arrive at the summons
  3. One of the nomads is a Kativan demon and a fight ensues
  4. Party breaks away and gets the centaurs
  5. Centaurs rally the orcs
  6. Queen Khany (Nomad) is in danger
  7. The party saves the High Council village
  8. They have a choice?


Right. Let me look at it like this:

  • High Council calls a summons in the Nomad plains
  • People (and main characters) arrive at the summons
  • One of the nomads is a Kativan demon and a fight ensues
  • Party breaks away and gets the centaurs
  • Centaurs rally the orcs
  • Queen Khany (Nomad) is in danger
  • The party saves the High Council village
  • They have a choice?

Ok. So everything underlined requires a theme. Everything in bold already has a theme. That means I need to compose themes for:

Nomads, Centaurs, Orcs

These have now been added to the lists above.

Now I just have to compose...

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