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    This is a list of professions to aid in ciy building.

    Note there are 4 categories:

    • Royalty - number depending on area
    • Nobility/Upper class - number depending on area
    • Middle Class - 10-30% of settlements, not including nobility
    • Lower Class - 70-90% of settlements, not including noblility

    Population generally does not include children, which is generally: 1/2 of middle class population for middle class children and 3/4 of lower class population for lower class children. Most cannot be seen however.

    Architect - Usually only at the head of a decently sized building site/company/thing. Usually middle class.

    Clerk/Scribe - Variable number per institution. Middle class.

    Cartographer - A maker of maps. Not frequently seen; about 1 for every 1000 people. More…

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    July 18, 2014 by Tamlin Lollis Love

    I will be using this page to assist in the creation of unique locations which can be added to the game world.

    Orc Stronghold of Kaalhuk - A stringhold of independant orcs whose ancestors came to Sudbaya in 4E 190 following the Orcish Exodus. Probably somewhere in Ormyrian Province.

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    July 18, 2014 by Tamlin Lollis Love

    Here I will be listing all the quests I plan to introduce so that I can easily add NPCs, etc. to the world to work around the quests.

    Bring archaeological finds (pottery, shards, etc.) to an archaeologist (probably in the Library of Stone in Ormyrban)

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    Now that we have a whole new class system, I'm thinking of redoing the party members. No removing, just adding.

    Name Class Race Notes
    Rikki Illusionist Chaos Spirit NA w
    Karrin Lovac Elementalist Human F w
    Oduba Masopha Warlock Human M - From Yakazalaland a
    Ungolin Misane Herbalist Wood Elf M d
    Whisper Beastmaster Half-Elf F d
    Neeja Hermit Goblin F d
    Sybil Argentia Necromancer Human F a
    Charles Hawthorn Healer Human M d
    Thalan Faros Divine Avenger High Elf M - Demon Hunter a
    Septimus Marcus Milenus Paladin Human M - Laurentian d
    Gerda Avtrin Crusader Human F d
    Kusunoki Segihara Samurai Human M - from the east a
    Nigel Avtrin Barbarian Human M a
    Dorgan McCullen Berserker Dwarf M w
    Yaal Malagmal Warmonger Orc M - son of Uruk Malagmal a
    Sigvald Hvendrun Ranger Huma…

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    Pantheons are a little jumbled up at the moment, so I am going to (attempt to) clarify this by adding things to this post, and working from there. Basically all of religion will be on this blog, to be then added elsewhere.

    NB: All facts are not exact, as many myths and folktales derive from oral and bardic tradition. As such, there can be discrepencies as well as wild exxagerations, etc. which are not mentioned in the below.

    Alidera - The Angel of Beauty and Women, one of Skryd's commanding angels. Married to Batus.

    Avling - The Angel of Crop Farming, one of Odlum's commanding angels.

    Batus - The Angel of Ice and Snow, one of Skryd's commanding angels. Married to Alidera.

    Faren - The Angel of Fathers, one of Ormyr's commanding angels.

    Husdyr - T…

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