A long time ago there were the sea dwarfs. They weren't like the other dwarfs, they loved the sea. There were different clans in the sea dwarf race but we shall focus on just one. The Sea Hammers. They were a proud clan untill one of their own named Torack turned to chaos through jealousy. He was cast out to an island where he plotted his revenge. He returned in a dark contraption with glowing green eyes, silver tentacles and a black steel body.Survivors who saw it call it the Steel Kracken.

The most recent attack was was on a ship known as the sea lion. It was heading back with a secret cargo. It was near the coast of an island in the eternal ocean when it was attacked. Captain Brottor was sent to rescue suvivers,retrieve the secret cargo and put a stop this maddnes. His thunder class attack cruiser was a gaint, steel paddle steamer with tree decks, one main swivel turret, 48 cannons and an attack blimp in the hanger as well as two lightning class mercy frigates.

It was a stormy night when Brottor reached his destanation. The mercy frigates started looking for survivors while Brottor and his men were on guard for Torack and his machine.

The mercy frigates brought 3 survivors of the crew of 400. There was still no sign of Torack. Brottor ordered his divers to search the wreckage for the missing cargo.

When the divers entered the water you could only see the bow of the Sea Lion but under the water you could see that the entire ship had been torn in two. The secret cargo was stored in a compartment near the engine room at the rear of the ship.

It was a long 10 minutes wait but eventually the divers got back. But they didn't have the secret cargo. "Where is the cargo?", asked captain Brottor. "I'm afraid we couldn't find sir", said the diver lieutenant.Suddenly there came a cry,"Captain over there,starboard side!".And where the sailor was pointing the water started to bubble and then a huge mechanical creature burst out of the water.The Steel Kracken!!!

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