• Rivergreeen

    Curse of the Kracken

    January 6, 2012 by Rivergreeen

    A long time ago there were the sea dwarfs. They weren't like the other dwarfs, they loved the sea. There were different clans in the sea dwarf race but we shall focus on just one. The Sea Hammers. They were a proud clan untill one of their own named Torack turned to chaos through jealousy. He was cast out to an island where he plotted his revenge. He returned in a dark contraption with glowing green eyes, silver tentacles and a black steel body.Survivors who saw it call it the Steel Kracken.

    The most recent attack was was on a ship known as the sea lion. It was heading back with a secret cargo. It was near the coast of an island in the eternal ocean when it was attacked. Captain Brottor was sent to rescue suvivers,retrieve the secret cargo …

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