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Tonjirian Province Map

Tonjirian Province showing Untr

Untr is south-west of Tonjir. It is a small village that is known for werewolf residents.


NORTH: Tonjir

EAST: Frozen Wastes

SOUTH: Dontr

WEST: Ocean

Points of InterestEdit

In Untr, you may want to help eradicate the werewolves in the area. If fighting isn't your style, you can rather help repair wagons that are destined to go to Tonjir.


The Mayor - The mayor is a paranoid man who's condition is only worsened by the werewolf threat.

Frodhi Morniko - The Captain of the Untrian guard, head of the mission to eradicate werewolves.


No quests are started in Untr

Enemies in UntrEdit