Universal ReligionEdit

The Universal Religion is a religion which believes that many Gods do infact exist, but their power pales in comparison with their true god, The Almighty One. The Universal Religion has tried since its conception to take into account all the mythologies and legends of various religions and compile them into one, unbiased truth. 

It was first established roughly 4500 3E (give or take a thousand years) by the The Scribes of the Divines and is supposedly the recorded words of some of the Gods as they recall the creation of the world.

Almighty OneEdit

The Almighty One is the conciousness of the Universe. He (He is used, but The Almighty One has no gender) is widely believed to be the creator of the known universe. His existence cannot be proven, but is largely accepted as the gods believe that they are the chosen ones of The Almighty One, set to do his will after he left the universe.

Universal Text of CreationEdit

The Universal text of creation is the tome of knowledge which contains the religious writings of the Universal Religion.

Notable FollowersEdit


Alfonse du Leir - High Scribe of the Scribes of the Divines

Tamlin - Archdruid of the Druidic Order