Ungolin Misane


Ungolin Misane



Date of Birth

4E 420


Saelas Yanes


ArchDruid Apprentice




Wood Elf


Ulurian Faith

 Ungolin Misane is a wood elf herbalist from Saelas Yanes, apprenticed to Tamlin at an early age. He can be recruited as a party member in Realm of Magyk during Reborn in the Main Questline. Like all party members, he has unique dialogue.


Ungolin was born in 4E 420 in Saelas Yanes, capital of the Ulurian Lands. At a relatively early age, he was apprenticed to Tamlin and shortly thereafter taken with him across the world, ending up in Felmin in Sudbaya. He continued to assist Tamlin with all his endeavours, including the experiment taken on Kael before the events of Realm of Magyk. Shortly thereafter, he is sent to assist Kael in his/her mission.


Ungolin values above all the balance of nature. Ungolin is kind to most people, but fierce against those he believes act against the balance of nature. He is intrigued by alchemy and by the interaction between nature and the magykal field. His value of balance has lead him to a point where he condones almost anything as long as it works towards the maintaining of the balance of nature.

Ungolin has an odd sense of humour (perhaps due to his time spent with Tamlin) and can also get nervous under pressure.

He dislikes most religion as he sees it as contravention of the Banishment, but he does worship Casiel as he believes she has worked ultimately towards the greater balance. As an elf, he is sensitive to racial abuse directed at his kind and may react aggresively.

Ungolin responds well to diplomatic dialogue.


Ungolin can be romanced by a Kael of any gender. If neither he nor Whisper are romanced, he will hookup with Whisper towards the end of the Main Questline.

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