During the events of Realm of MagykKael can find a lore entry entitled Umbin's Encyclopedia of the Gods - Kocovnis.


Umbin's Encyclopedia of the Gods - KocovnisEdit

By Colmun P. Umbin

"Kocovnis is the Nomadic God of Travel, Horses and Journeys. He is worshipped by many Nomads as the greatest of the gods, and how not? For the Nomads, horses and travel are largely the most important tjing in their lives. It is said a Nomadic man prizes his horse above his own wife, and that the larger a man's collection of horses, the wealthier and more powerful he is.

"Kocovnis is not only revered by the Nomadic Tribes, but also by centaurs, elves and bandits in the Nomadic Plains. To him, horses are sacred and, as such, centaurs are seen as most. Some tribes see centaurs as a failed union of the two, a horrible abomination inflicted upon horses. These tribes have no love for centaurs and, usually, no love for any other of the races living in the Nomadic Plains. However, even these people are firm in their belief and faith in Kocovnis."

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