During the events of Realm of Magyk, Kael can find a lore entry entitled Umbin's Encyclopedia of the Gods - Iudex.


Umbin's Encyclopedia of the Gods - IudexEdit

By Colmun P. Umbin

"Iudex, the God of Justice and Law, is a god shrouded in mystery and contradiction. Some sects of the Gratharian faith believe he is merely an angel or servant of Veros. Others believe that he is an aspect of Veros, and not actually an individual entity at all. However, his biggest group of worshippers, the Justiciars of Iudex, maintain that he is a god in his own right, serving as a lieutenant and friend to Veros himself.

According to his justiciars, he is a mighty God who rules an army of 12 000 angels. He and his angels battle daily with the forces of Leros. He is also said to guard the gates of Heaven and, using his magykal scales, weighs the souls of those attempting to enter. In doing so, he determines who enters Heaven and who does not.

Of course, this is all the subject of speculation and opinion, as many Verosians believe in entirely different things surrounding the mysterious God of Law."

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