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The Ulvanian Calendar is the most used and accepted calendar in Ulvania. It was created by the High Council, and borrows heavily from the Dwarvish, Sacen and Elvish calendars. 


January - Serpent's Moon (Serpent)Edit

Ser 1: New Passing's Day

February Bow's Moon (Bow)Edit

Bow 14: Valentine's Day

March - Hammer's Moon (Hammer)Edit

Ham 3-10: Musical Week
Ham 24: Marching Day

April - Sceptre's Moon (Sceptre)Edit

Sce 1: Fool's Day

May - Flower's Moon (Flower)Edit

Flo 1: Nature Day
Flo 9: Mother's Day

June - Mountains's Moon (Mountain)Edit

Mou 20: Father's Day

July - Dwarf's Moon (Dwarf)Edit

Entire Month: Laurentian Olympics

August - Fish's Moon (Fish)Edit

September - Song Bird's Moon (Song Bird)Edit

Son 21: Mage Day

October - Stallion's Moon (Stallion)Edit

Sta 31: Night of Souls

November - Lightning's Moon (Lightning)Edit

Lig 11: Warrior's Day
Lig 25: Thanksgiving Day

December - Star's Moon (Star)Edit

Star 24: Giving's Eve
Star 25: Giving's Day

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