Sector D1 of the Realm Map showing Tonjir and the rest of the Tonjirian Coast


Tonjir is a medium sized city in the centre of the Sudbayan west coast. It is the capital of the Tonjirian Province and is the largest city in the province.



EAST: Frozen Wastes


WEST: The Tonjirian Bay

Points of InterestEdit

Tonjir is the culmination of all the various skills and resources from the Tonjirian province. From here, you can buy Nordan fish, Tegrasian food, Holmian metalwork, Longmyrian wood and Fortyrian metal. There are also many guilds in the city, including the Barbarian's guild and the Bard's guild. Skryd has her temple in Tonjir.

There is also a huge arena, unrivaled in all of Sudbaya, where warriors from all over can compete for the trophy.


King Krone Koninshammer - King Krone is the King of Tonjir. He is a strange man who says little, but is a wise ruler that leads Tonjir succesfully.

Penge Kvin - Penge is the leader of the Merchant's Association of Tonjir (MAT). She runs a small bank, but makes huge amounts of money from her investments throughout the province. She is arch-rival of Tyv Handel.

Tyv Handel - Tyv Handel is the leader of the black market in the province. He will buy stolen items, sell you magykal artifacts and even deliver items. He has dealings with people from all over the globe, even from Kelgrimen.

Nigel Avtrin - Nigel is a hardened warrior who can be found in the pits of the Tonjirian arena, waiting for the next fight in his bid to win the 494 gladiatoral competition.


A Gladiator's Honour