In Realm of MagykKael can come across a series of lore entries entitled Tome of the Dark Lord. The Following chapters can be found:


The Truth of LiesEdit

Strength and Change, the rest are lies

The strong will survive and the weak will perish, so it has always been and always will be. Nothing lasts forever, change is inevitable. And accordingly the weak who rule must be defeated and overthrown by the strong. There must be strength and there must be change. So it is written.

These two truths are the only truths. All others are but lies. Power, wealth and love are all lies that cover these truths. Beautiful, pleasant lies, but lies nonetheless. Life is the Great Lie upon which all lies are dependant. But even lies need the truth, which is why, in order to lie, we must follow the truth.

The Creed of LiesEdit

I hereby decree that I, N, Lord of myself, do follow the creed of lies to the day that I die, seen under the eyes of Leros, the lord of lies.

I promise to strive for strength and, should I find myself weak, do away with myself to the depths of the dark, there to suffer for my weakness.

I promise to be the catalyst for change, to ensure that the Great Lie does not stagnate.

I promise to live in the lies of the Great Lie; to know it is a lie, yet to continue to spread it in order to continue the prosperity of mankind.

I promise to never support the weak, always to ensure that strength prevails.

So I am bound by Leros, to serve forever.

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