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Thorim is a large city located along the coast roughly halfway between Temir and Astryn. It is the capital of the Thorim Province is the largest city in the province. It has a population of roughly 4150 adults.

Points of InterestEdit

Thorim is most definately the trade capital of Sudbaya, situated as a perfect stop for travellers travelling along the northern coast and is the largest city on the northern coast, which makes up one of the bay walls, making it a popular destination for ships travelling to Midbaya.

It is probably the least well armed capital in Sudbaya.

Despite being the second smallest capital, it is by far the most well decorated, with white walls and a magnificent palace for the jarl. It is home to the widest variety of shops and houses the merchants guild and a black market.


See History for details.


Although actual details are classified and are not revealed, there are about 70 soldiers stationed in Thorim at any given time, with about 415 conscripted reserves from the city alone ready to pick up arms to defend the city if needs be.

The Thorim navy stationed in Thorim has 5 Galleon-class longships with about 50 crew members aboard each. At any given time, the navy can commandeer about 20-30 fishing boats into small light attack boats and about 5-10 merchant frigates into war frigates.

Thorim has no seige weapons.



As of yet, no quests are started in Thorim.

Enemies in ThorimEdit




Prodi Assassins

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