Dwarf Pantheon


Dwarf Pantheon


Underworld and Death


Boots of Thiz, Axe of Thiz



Physical Form

A Dwarven Woman

Chief Angels

Tokim, Tokom


Thiz is the dwarven goddess of the underworld. Although her status as a goddess is debated, she has many followers throughout almost all Dwarven cultures.

Thizian beliefEdit

Belief in Thiz is the belief that she is the queen (in some sects married to Korok, in others, his sister, and in others, his avatar) of the Underworld, known to the Dwarves as Thiz'Krt.

Places of Worship (Sudbaya)Edit

Thiz has a temple in Hammerhold , kept by the high priest Dorn.

Thiz also has a wayshrine in the underground tunnels between Guntheid and Morrisyd.

Chief AngelsEdit

Thiz has two chief angels:

Tokim , brother of Tokom, angel guardian of Hell (Thiz'krt'im), who commands 6000 angels.

Tokom , brother of Tokim, angel guardian of Heaven (Thiz'krt'om), who commands 6000 angels.

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