During the events of Realm of Magyk, Kael can come across a lore entry entitled: "The Vermundi Scroll"


Vermundi Scroll Fragment- Dated around 2000 3E

Translated from Original Gul Gannath by Prinith Vermundi, Royal Keeper of Knowledge of the Myagrian Court

"...did battle/war with the Jotnir and their masters, the Hrithmi, the Ancient Ones. And so did the Gods defeat the Jotnir and banish/trap their masters to the depths of the earth/mountain. Following...(about a hundred words or so missing)...he could never escape. Then the Gods did feast/rejoice and left the world, never to return again."

Translator/Discoverer's  Note

My team and I discovered this scroll fragment in an ancient Orani temple. Amongst typical ancient Orani artifacts (such as turquoise masks, golden statues, etc.), we found the scroll. It's discovery was quite astounding. Firstly, the scroll seems to be written on some sort of leather, the likes of which nobody has seen before. Secondly, the scroll was not written in Guori or any other Orani language, as is usual of an artifact found in an Orani temple. Instead, it was written in Gul Gannath, a language unknown to the Orani people, or so it seems. In fact, the speakers of Gul Gannath (Giants, Orcs, Goblins, etc.) are not known to write things down. This use of Gul Gannath is most fascinating.

The scroll also makes reference to the Jotnir, a race of giants in Nyrdic mythology, and the Hrithmi, a previously unknown race refered to in the text as the Ancient Ones. This cannot be a coincidence. After the tear, the words "he could never escape" are of particular interest. Who is 'he'? What is also unusual is that the text makes reference to the Gods leaving the world. Who are these Gods? Are they the same Gods we worship today? If so, they have clearly not left.

This entire scroll is a puzzlement and is most unusual. I shall continue to study it in great detail.

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