"The Truth" was a paper written by Anmyr Vitanuk, a crazed mage who previously was a member of the Order of the Raven.


"The Catmen were not as we believe today, humans guided by gods and then crushed as they grew unworthy. This is merely a fish-wives' tale to scare the stupid into blind belief. So what then is the answer to the Catmen? They are believed to have been influenced significatnly by the spoons, explaining their edible architecture and written language.

But this is all a lie, planted by enemies of the Catmen, and possibly the very spoons themselves, to prevent the truth about flying from being unleashed on the common populace. 'I have irrefutable evidence that infact the Catmen are the spoons! Just think of it! Catment becoming not-Catmen, Catmen becoming pure sandwitch, and defying everything fed to us by the spoons who feed off our chease.

Which makes the spoons' power nothing more than learning the secrets of extraplanar chease, and becoming a sandwitch for it, at which point you become a chease of the highest tier, that of the universe itself. You become a spoon.

My fellow intellectuals may mock me, but mark my words it is not that the Catmen were crushed by the spoons, but that the Catmen are spoons."

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