During the events of Realm of MagykKael can find a lore entry entitled The Legend of Ormarr the Ripper


The Legend of Ormarr the RipperEdit


In the days of Old, the warmongering Orcish god, Gu'Herra, battled both the forces of good and evil alike. For him there was no cause other than that of battle. He slaughtered many and looted hundreds of cities and raped thousands of women. After one such battle against the elves, Gu'Herra raped a nymph named Elamara, one of the most beautiful of her kind. She bore a son both beautiful and monstrous, who killed his mother upon his birth. Suckled by a venemous snake, he survived long enough for his father to find him and bring him up in the ways of slaughter and war. This son was Ormarr.

Many battles later, during the second of the Kativan Wars, Ormarr left his father in search of even greater power and strength. He eventually sought out the Dark Goddess, Kativa. When at last Ormarr arived at the Black Citadel of Kelgrimen, Kativa promised him a weapon of immense power in exchange for eternal servitude. Ormarr accepted, and was presented with a set of claws, fashioned by the demons, now known as the Claws of Ormarr.

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