The HeavensEdit

In Realm of MagykKael can come across a series of lore entries entitled The Heavens. The Following chapters can be found:


The Heavens - SolEdit

by the Anonymous Astronomer

3E 9461

"For millenia, the inhabitants of Ulvania have looked up at the great fiery orb that is Sol, and have sought to explain it. Some cultures say it is carried across the sky by a dung beetle god, others say it itself is a god whose face is so holy and pure it radiates light and heat. But the truth of Sol is not so. The Great renaian astronomer, Galimo Gali was put to death for his 'heretical' views of how Ulvania and the planets in fact revolve around Sol. Now I, in secret, plan to continue his work, for only when we cast aside the fear that the Church of Veros has for science can we discover the mysteries of the universe.

On my part, I have come to believe that Sol is composed mainly of Hydrogen and Helium and the light and heat it emnates are created from some chemical reaction. It is much larger than anything in the Sol System. While whole tomes could be written on Sol, the great sun, the rest of my studies shall focus on the planets and their moons."

The Heavens - Luna and LunisEdit

by the Anonymous Astronomer

3E 9461

"I believe I can safely say that, aside from Sol and obviously Ulvania itself, the two moons, Lunis and Luna, are the most important planetary bodies in the life sustaining process here on Ulvania. They have both a cultural and a scientific impact on life. However, only the scientific aspects shall be discussed in this chapter, as there are plenty of tomes in existence which deal with the cultural significance of each moon.

The two moons are equally sized and have an equal mass. On top of that, they orbit Ulvania oppositely. In other words, they are always on the opposite sides of Ulvania and maintain this distance throughout their orbit. Only one moon is visible in the sky at any given time in any given part of Ulvania.


Luna is a typical moon, coloured grey and pocked with ancient craters. It has no apparent atmosphere and it's gravitational effects are minimal. The tides it creates are known as the Lunaean tides.


Lunis, although in most properties exactly the same as Luna, is different in some regards. The most obvious of which is its colour. Lunis is coloured a purple colour. Many theories exist, but I believe it is due to the presence of an element currently undiscovered or not present on Ulvania. The tides which Lunis creates are known as the Lunisian tides.

The Heavens - Gasseus MajorEdit

by the Anonymous Astronomer

Scheduled for Lore!

"There's a lot of history in the Realm. Hundreds of thousands of millenia's worth of history can be found in these dark halls. Anybody want some cake?"
This article is scheduled to include a lore entry for the upcoming game, Realm of Magyk. Jamp-20120408-154612

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