During the events of Realm of Magyk, Kael can find a lore entry entitled The Beast of the Old Dwarves by Owell Krall.


The Beast of the Old DwarvesEdit

By Owell Krall


Roughly 6000 years ago, the mountain of Morrisyd erupted. This cataclysmic event left the surrounding land utterly destroyed and its effects were felt as far away as Thorim and Runwood. Nobody could have possibly imagined that this eruption was part of a chain of events which led to the formation of the KhaZari Dwarven Empire, many hundreds of miles away.

When Dwarves first emerged from the earth, they were a timid, shy and fearful people, very different from their modern day counterparts. When the first dwarves learnt the local language, be it those who emerged from Morrisyd mountain or those from the KhaZari mountains of Laurentia, they told the tale of a beast who wielded shadow and commanded an army of demons. According to the tales, the beast had shook the earth, crushing the Dwarven capital, and sent forth rivers of lava. This could correlate with the Morrisyd eruption, but, due to a lack of information regarding the passage of time, the Dwarves could not confirm how long ago the beast had attacked. Certainly however, the Dwarves had been moving for many, many generations before surfacing.

Not much is agreed about the Beast. Only it's command of the shadows and a demonic army has been agreed upon by most intellectuals. Some believe that the beast was a manifestation of the God Korok, angered by the Old Dwarves. Others believe that the Beast was Kativa's first attempt to enter and destroy Ulvania. One group interests me in particular, the Hhanhu (meaning 'Of the Shadows').

The Hhanhu worship the God Donsol, believing him to be the Beast itself. The Hhanhu are an undoubtebly evil sect, but intiguing never the less. According to them, a clan of the Old Kingdoms discovered an artifact capable of summoning demons from Daemonrealm. They used this army of demons to unite all the kingdoms into one great empire. However, the clan's control over the demons waned and the demons turned on their masters, fighting against the dwarves. The King of the Dwarves, faced with certain death, made a pact with the shadows and the two fused to become the Beast, Donsol.

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