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"You're joking right? The Black Legion wants to come back and destroy Ulvania? They Can't! That's where I keep all my stuff!"
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Like all other party members, Terenas has unique dialog. This dialog comes in three different forms:

  1. Banter with other party members
  2. Dialog with Kael
  3. Comments on Dialog between Kael and someone else


With KarrinEdit

At 1st possible point after Terenas's recruitmentEdit

Karrin: "A Xilaskar...Shouldn't you be with your order?"

Terenas: "Perhaps I should...but I am furthering the goals of the order aren't I?"

Karrin: "You are assuming we don't get killed along the way...or converted..."

Terenas: "It is a...possibility..."

Karrin: "It's the most likely outcome...we all end up as slaves, the world ends, yada yada..."

Terenas: "True..."

Karrin: "Um, yes...quite."

At a random point in Act 1 - 1stEdit

Terenas: "You are the first mage I have ever met that does not belong to an order, why so?"

Karrin: "Being in an order is like marrige, it ties you down, binds you with rules, and ultimately stops you from doing certain...things"

Terenas: "But without an order, you have no strength, no purpose?"

Karrin: "I have a purpose, that of furthuring my own goals, which are currently following Kael, as for strength..."

Terenas: "But why? How is the individual important relative to the people as a whole?"

Karrin: "Without the induvidual there can be no crowd!"

Terenas: "Hmm...I shall meditate on what you have said."

Karrin: "You do that"

At a random point in Act 1 - 2ndEdit

Terenas: "I've meditated on what you said about individuality..."

Karrin: "And you have come to the startling revelation that I'm right?"

Terenas: "Actually, I have come to the conclusion that what you said was wrong."

Karrin: "Oh...And your reasoning behind that is...?

Terenas: "Simple. Are you willing to die on this quest with Kael?"

Karrin: "Depends how I'm feeling at the time, but if I can't help it...sure"

Terenas: "Then I take it you value the lives of the millions more than your own."

Karrin: "I value them, to some extent. Although, I as an iduvidual won't give my life for a stranger"

Terenas: "Ah, so it's true what Nigel said to me then..."

Karrin: "Nigel says many things about me, some of them true..."

Terenas: "Ah yes...indeed."



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