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"You're joking right? The Black Legion wants to come back and destroy Ulvania? They Can't! That's where I keep all my stuff!"
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Terenas Valhan
A portrait of Terenas made using Dragon Age II


Terenas Alhandras Maritios Uhlman Valhan



Date of Birth

14 Sceptre 4E 401




Lieutenant Assassin of the Sudbayan Xilaskar




Dark Elf



Terenas Valhan is a 93 year old dark elf from Felwood . He is an assassin, bound by blood and duty to the Xilaskar Brotherhood. He, like all party members, has unique dialog.

Terenas is a possible party member in Realm of Magyk and is recruitmed during Rebellion.


Terenas Valhan was born in the Xilaskar Brotherhood. He was raised by the brotherhood and had no official mother and father. As a child, he was trained to fight and specialised to become an assassin. Bound heavily by the Xilaskar Code, he cannot do anything that defies the code.

As he grew older and more profficient, he gained rank and reached the level of Lieutenant, a command which gave him a small platoon of assassins at his disposal. He became a well respected assassin amongst the brotherhood, but was forced to abandon all of this and leave Felwood to go and bolster the amount of Xilaskar in Sudbaya. He was forced to leave his platoon behind.

When he arrived in Sudbaya in the year 4E 492, he quickly assumed his position as Lieutenant. He led many succesful raids against the Prodi and assassinated countless Kativan and Prodi politicians, soldiers, etc.. In 4E 494, he meets Kael while attempting to liberate the town of Veltir. The raid is succesful, despite some failures in the original plan. Terenas then realises Kael's goal is to free Sudbaya from Kativa and ultimately destroy her once and for all. Seeing that Kael's goals and those of the Brotherhood are identical, he chooses to join Kael in his quest.


Terenas is motivated by duty, as life in the Xilaskar is all he has known. He hates Kativa deeply, but he does not know himself whether it is because he genuinely hates her or if it is because she is the enemy of the brotherhood.

Terenas understands humour, but sees it as a waste of time. Terenas is loyal, brave and will gladly die for the cause of the brotherhood and Kael's ultimate cause.

In his free time, Terenas meditates, sharpens his blades or trains his body. He doesn't seem to understand "fun" until later on in the game.


Terenas cannot be romanced.

Useful talentsEdit

Realm of MagykEdit

Act 1Edit

Terenas is recruited.

Act 2Edit

Terenas infiltrates a Prodi base and assassinates its leader

Act 3Edit

Terenas assaults and reclaims Hemenskir

Act 4Edit

After the battle at the Giant's Stronghold , Terenas returns to the Xilaskar

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