The Temir Tribe is an Ancient Sudbayan tribe which survived the migration into Sudbaya, and established itself along the most Northern coastline of Sudbaya, on the river which present day Temir is situated. The Temir tribe established a monarchy in 3E4021, with King Argus the Cruel as it's first ruler.


See Timeline for further details

The Temir tribe overthrew it's shamanistic monarchy and established a true monarchy in 3E4021, with King Argus the Cruel as it's first ruler. Temir territory begins expanding in 3E4062 under the reign of King Argus II, great-grandson of Argus the Cruel. By the end of the year Temir territory extends over the entire Temiri River area.

The Temir's next ruler, King Ralof, squanders the tribes accumulated wealth, and forces them into a war with the Syk over land. The Temir lose the 1st Syk-Temir War, and are driven back significantly, losing much of their accumulated land and remaining wealth. This marks the begginning of a difficult time for the Temir people.

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