Sybil Argentia


Sybil Argentia



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Sybil Argentia is a 33 year old human necromancer from Sudbaya. She lives in a large cavern known as Sybil's Keep. She can be recruited as a party member in Realm of Magyk during Death Knell. Like all party members, she has Unique Dialogue.

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"You're joking right? The Black Legion wants to come back and destroy Ulvania? They Can't! That's where I keep all my stuff!"
This article may contain plot details about the upcoming game, Realm of Magyk. Jamp-20110715-215723


Sybil was born into a peasant family somewhere in northern Sudbaya. At the age of three she exhibited magykal abilities and was cast out of her family soon after with nothing but a set of clothes and a silver locket, from which she derives her surname. She was picked up by a traveller and was enrolled into the Order of the Raven in Thorim. Dabbling into necromancy, she had disagreements with the order and left at the age of 22 and she began work as a librarian in the Library of Stone. There she met Gabriel Dure, another librarian, and began a romantic relationship. Fearing it would endanger the relationship, she kept her necromancy a secret.

When Sybil was 26, Gabriel began an excavation of what is now Sybil's Keep and invited her along. Upon reaching the necromantic seals in the Vetteri ruin, Gabriel wished to abandon the excavation but Sybil, in her excitement, expressed that she wished to continue and told Gabriel about her necromancy. Gabriel, horrified, left her. Sybil, upset, holed herself up in the cavern and began to work exclusively on her necromancy, abandoning social interaction.


Sybil believes that her art, necromancy, is the only way to defeat Kativa and will defend the idea that necromancy can be used for good against any argument. Sybil, having had bad encounters with other people, tends to be reclusive and uses her necromancy as an escape.

Sybil responds well to aggresive dialogue.


Sybil can be romanced by a male Kael.

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