In Realm of Magyk, Kael can come across a lore entry entitled Survey of the High Council Department of Magykal and Natural Abilities, which goes as follows:


Survey of the High Council Department of Magykal and Natural AbilitiesEdit

"This survey, which took place on the years between and including 4E 475 to 4E 478, records and documents the magykal potency, that is, the percentage of the population born with a natural ability and potency for magyk, for each of the participating races. Out of two thousand participants, the Department of Magykal and Natural Abilities records the following results:

Humans - 0.76% chance

Mistagrian Elves - 14.29% chance

Ulurian Elves - 4.35% chance

Felwood Elves - 0.87% chance

Dwarves - 0.26% chance

Orcs - 0.49% chance

Goblins - 0.5% chance

Halflings - 0.37% chance

The percentages for half breeds can be anywhere in between the percentages of the parent races. For example, a human-dwarf would have a percentage between 0.76% and 0.26%. averaging at about 0.51%.

The determining factor of one's magykal potency is, as of yet, unknown, but the department has ruled out hereditary genetics and most types of known contamination."

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