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South Bay Provinces
Map of Sudbaya

Area (estimated)


Number of Settlements


Population (estimated)

59 180 (needs revision)

Main Religion

Nyrdic Religion


Tonjir, Thorim, Wesheim, Ormyrban, Sykdnjir


Bayans, Nyrds

Main Languages

Nyrdic, Common




See individual Provinces

Number of Privately-Owned Lands


South Arm Military

Official Soldiers

2370 (2130+240)



Reserved Conscripts



See individual provinces

Navy Size



See individual provinces

Siege Weapons


Total Men in Kelgrimen



Sudbaya is made up of five provinces, The Tonjirian Province, Thorim Province, Wesheim Province, Sykdnjirian Province and Ormyrian Province, each with numerous regions and holds.

These five provinces make up the super-province of Sudbaya, the southern arm of Nyrdic bay.

The Provinces are predominately human and dwarven (barbegazi), with few other races, although elves, halflings and even orcs have settled in some of the cities.

The capital city of Sudbaya is Ormyrban; and a list of holds in Sudbaya can be found here.

Geography and ClimateEdit

The provinces are a mix of geographical wonders and sights.

Tonjir is mostly ice plains and glaciers, save for the Longmyrian woods, which make up the largest woods in Sudbaya.

Thorim is mostly icy wastes to the south and lush rivers and cold plains to the north. It has a large amount of farming towns.

Sykdnjir is completely bare, save for some farmlands bordering the Zantholm river.

Ormyr is the most lush province, thanks to the grasslands bordering Grathor and the lush farmlands on the various rivers. It is also rather mountainous and is home to the Morris Mine in the Morrisyd mountain.

Wesheim is very lush around its three rivers and has several mountains which spawn the Wesheim river. It is also known for its rugged and plentiful shorelines.

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