Spells and Abilities are special actions taken by mages, warriors and rogues to produce a desired effect. Spells and abilities may damage an opponent, heal a friend, temporarily improve or devastate a certain attribute, etc. 

Spells and abilities are purchased using points and are organised into groups known as schools, which are open to various specialisations. Spells and abilities feed off mana and energy respectively.


There are different forms of spells and abilities in Realm of Magyk. They are as follows:


An activated spell/ability is a spell/ability which, when activated, has an immediate effect.


A concentrated spell/ability is a spell/ability which, when cast, lasts until mana/energy is drained or until the caster stops casting.


A mode is a spell/ability which, when activated, takes away an amount of mana/energy and lasts indefinately. When it is disactivated, the mana/energy taken begins to regenerate.


A passive spell/ability is a spell/ability which, when bought for the first time, becomes active permanently.


An upgrade is a spell/ability which improves an existing spell/ability.


A ward is a spell/ability which, when activated, is placed on an area on the ground and performs an action when stepped on by an enemy or friend.

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