Nyrdic Faith


Nyrdic Pantheon


Ice, Snow, Beauty, Women


Belt of Baltan Beauty, Riga's Blade



Physical Form

A Human (Nyrdic) woman

Chief Angels

Alidera and Batus

Skryd is the Nyrdic Goddess of ice, snow, love, women and beauty. She is one of the major deities in the pantheon. She is the wife of Ormyr.

Nyrdic FaithEdit

See Nyrdic Faith for full article

Places of WorshipEdit


Skryd has her main temple in the city of Tonjir, in the Palace District, which is kept by the high priestess Lalina. She also has small temples in all the major cities. Mosfel Abbey is dedicated to her. She also has wayshrines between:

Longmyr and Trintr

Veraston and Niffilhir

Ronjir and Shenes

Sykdnjir and Zantholm

Cosantjir and Suppleheim

Cosantjir and Felantimyr

Harad and Tem

Annah and Zoratin

Chief AngelsEdit

Skryd has two chief angels:

Alidera, angel of beauty and women, who commands 1400 troops and is married to Batus

Batus, angel of ice and snow, who commands 2000 troops and is married to Alidera.

Useful LinksEdit

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