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Scamasax (Tales of Ulvania stats)





Critical Hit

20 / x2


1 (melee)



Base Price




Damage Type

Pierce and Slash


The Scamasax is a sword of a shorter length than the longsword and with a curved blade. It is similar to a machette and is very crude. It is found primarily in Sacenland and Pictia.

Tales of UlvaniaEdit

The Tales of Ulvania the Scamasax is a small 1d6 damage weapon, part of the Shortsword class. It has the range of 1 square (melee) and has the base price of about 10gp. It has a critical hit rating of 20/x2 and is a simple weapon. It can deal pierce or slash damage, depending on how it is used.

Realm of MagykEdit

In Realm of Magyk, scamasaxes may be found in southern parts of the Ormyrian Province, usually carried by Feimhold Bandits, Southern Raiders or sold by merchants in Feim Hold.

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