Even though many Sacens and Pictians have adopted Verostrianism and the Gratharian Trinity, there are still those that follow the Sacen/Pictian Faith.


There are several gods in the Pantheon. The king of these gods is the antler-headed god Cerun, who has power over the animals of the earth and sky, but also stays with parents and fathers. He is married to Ernama, the goddess of mothers and of nightmares. She is in fact the ruler of the pantheon and is supposedly the mother of humanity.

This couple had five daughters and two sons. First they gave birth to Jikan, god of the afterlife, who the Pictians and Sacens believe will take the dead souls and reincarnate them.

Second, the couple gave birth to Esis, god of sleep. He is used by his mother Ernama as an agent, putting people to sleep and delivering them dreams or nightmares, but he is a god in his own right.

Third, the couple gave birth to three triplet daughters, Caledona , Burgena and Sacra, patrons on the Caledon Lake, the Burg lake and the Sacen lake respectively. All three have the power of healing.

Fourth, the couple gave birth to a son, Alaik , god of madness. He is an uncontrollable god who plagues people with visions, nightmares and madness. He is also known as the prophet god, for his ability to see the future.

Fifth, the couple gave birth to Morga , the goddess of war. She is the most aggressive and warlike of all in the pantheon.

Sixth and finally, the couple gave birth to a daughter, the goddess Erait , goddess of love, lust and dawn. She is rarely called upon by mortals, but is still an important figure in mythology as she supposedly influences mortal's love and desires, brings the sun up every morning and has countless affairs with mortals, producing the many mythological Sacen and Pictian heroes.

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