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"You're joking right? The Black Legion wants to come back and destroy Ulvania? They Can't! That's where I keep all my stuff!"
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Like all other party members, Rebbecca has unique dialog. This dialog comes in three different forms:

  1. Banter with other party members at
  2. Dialog with Kael
  3. Comments on Dialog between Kael and someone else



1st Possible time after Rebbecca is recruitedEdit

Osric: "So you're a thief eh?"

Rebbecca: "Yes..."

Osric: "Any good?"

Rebbecca: "Yes..."

Osric: "How good...?"

Rebbecca: "Very Good..."

Osric: "Ok, I have a key in my pocket...try and steal it..."

Rebbecca: "Already have..."

Osric: "What?!'re good..."

Rebbecca: "Yes..."

Osric: "So, can I have it back?"

Rebbecca: "No..."

With KarrinEdit

1st Possible time after Rebbecca is recruitedEdit

Karrin: "Kael, I don't think this is a good idea, no offence."

Rebbecca: " it because I'm a thief?"

Karrin: "No, It's because you're human, you see we can't have more than two humans...that would be racist!"

Rebbecca: "Oh, I don't know...I really think I am the first human here...apart from Kael of course."

Karrin: "Quite right, I'm an Eterneralian, you're the second most observant person I've met!"

Rebbecca: "Shut up..."

Karrin: "No, really..."

At a random point in Act 1 - 1stEdit

Rebbecca: "Karrin?"

Karrin: "Yes, Rebbecca?"

Rebbecca: "Are you a prick to everybody, or is it just me?"

Karrin: "You know, they all ask the same question"

Rebbecca: "I'm not surprised..."

Karrin: "I'm not either"

At a random point in Act 1 - 2ndEdit

Karrin: "Rebbecca, you don't say much"

Rebbecca: "Observant..."

Karrin: "I try my best"

At a random point in Act 1 - 3rdEdit

Karrin: "So, Rebbecca, you're'd you end up in Sudbaya?"

Rebbecca: "Are you really interested or are you trying to insult me?"

Karrin: " What would you possibly see in Sudbaya? I mean from what I've heard you Laurentians aren't exactly friendly with us Sudbayans"

Rebbecca: "It was neccessary. I would rather be in this dump than dead..."

Karrin: "Oh? Do tell"

Rebbecca: "No, private."

Karrin: "...Okay"



In the Sykdnjirian BrothelEdit

"These Sudbayan brothels aren't too my fancy...not like the Laurentian ones...not nearly enough fish"

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