The Prodi are people of any race and nationality who swear alleigance to Kativa. Most Prodi are Prodi because they are either "evily" inclined, were born into the Prodi or have some personal reason for hating the High Council and/or its participating nations.

The Prodi movement began originally as an anarchist movement before become assimilated into the Kativan tradition.

Prodi around the worldEdit


Sudbayan Prodi are found in the settlements of Hemenskir, Veltir, Trollheim, Grinj and Cosantjir, but they have influences elsewhere.

Known ProdiEdit


An Analysis of the Prodi Movement - Then and Now

Become a Prodi Today!

The Lies of the High Council

The Lies of the Prodi Movement


The name Prodi comes from the Latin (in game Laurentian) word for traitor, Proditor

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