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"You're joking right? The Black Legion wants to come back and destroy Ulvania? They Can't! That's where I keep all my stuff!"
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A portrait of Pilgrim, made using TES:Skyrim


Pilgrim (real name unknown)



Date of Birth

21 Song Bird 4E 210


The Sunstruck Reefs


Monk of the Monkfish







Pilgrim is a 284 year old Eterneralian who was born in The Great City of the Eterneralians. He is a monk who worships the Monkfish . He is called Pilgrim, for his quest which he has taken. He, like all party members, has unique dialog .

Pilgrim is a possible party member in Realm of Magyk and is recruited during The Pilgrimage.


At an early age, Pilgrim was sold into the service of the Monastery of the Monkfish. Taking vows of servitude and chastity, Pilgrim was admitted when he was older. He continued his service for many years until the year 278, when Pilgrim's mentor and teacher, Guide, disapeared. Pilgrim then began searching for him, his search leading him to Sudbaya where he meets Kael in the events of Realm of Magyk.


Pilgrim is motivated by his duty to the Monkfish and is bound by the laws of his religion and peoples. Where his laws cannot be put into practice, he is often silent and introvert. However, as Kael discovers throughout the game, Pilgrim really just wants to live life in peace and tranquility. Pilgrim prides himself in being very calm in any situation, including life-or-death ones.

Pilgrim is also very concientious and controlled, never acting on primal instincts or reckless impulses.He is, however, extremely brave and chivalrous, valuing honour very highly. Pilgrim has almost no sense of humour and very often doesn't get the jokes said throughout the game. Towards the end, however, he starts to recognise jokes and sarcasm and even cracks a few jokes himself.

As the game progresses, Pilgrim becomes extremely fascinated by the concept of gambling.


Pilgrim cannot be romanced

Useful TalentsEdit

  • Knows many forms of martial arts, making him deadly in unarmed combat
  • Is trained to be so aware that he can deflect arrows...blindfolded
  • Can speak common, elven, buttonese and eterneralian

Realm of MagykEdit

Act 1Edit

Pilgrim is recruited.

Act 2Edit

Pilgrim learns that his master, Guide, was spotted somewhere in Tonjir, but the long trail he follows is for naught. All that he finds is a piece of paper with an Eterneralian word, Glbuhub (Forgiveness), written upon it.

Act 3Edit

Pilrim follows another trail and finds his master, only to learn that he has turned away from the Monkfish. Depending on Kael's actions, Pilgrim will either kill Guide, or let him go.

Act 4Edit

After the battle at the Giant's Stronghold , Pilgrim returns to the sea.

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