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"Don't follow his directions. One moment you'll be on your way to the temple and the next, BAM! you're naked on a hill in Zakos."
This article contains outdated information about Tales of Ulvania or the upcoming game, Realm of Magyk. Jamp-20120408-154657


Peran is a small city in Thorim province, east of Norda and west of Felanir, and is known locally for its wide variety of fish, farms and stonemasons.

Points of InterestEdit

Sadly, Peran is not very interesting. Aside from the odd fishing job and a drink in the local tavern, The Singing Pheonix Inn, there is not much to do in the sleepy city of Peran.


Jarl Harr Hamvann - The Jarl of Peran, a very boring and rather insignificant man who just happens to rule the equally boring and equally insignificant city of Peran.

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