The Peramol rocks is the name for the 9 (or 10, if one includes the Peramol Iceberg) giant rock clusters which jut out of the sea just north of the Peramol Icesheet. Legend makes claim that a war between two giants created the formation.

A battle was once fought at the site of these rocks.


Many ships have been shipwrecked in these trecherous waters. Some of these wrecks still exist, not yet washed away by the Nyrdic Ocean's fierce waves.

The Heldig (wreck)

The Hjemturen (wreck)

The Oferleven (wreck)

The Rask (wreck)

The Stjemerskin (wreck)

The Vinden Blast (wreck)

The Trofaste (wreck) (Including the Peramol Iceberg as one of the rocks)

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