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"You're joking right? The Black Legion wants to come back and destroy Ulvania? They Can't! That's where I keep all my stuff!"
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Like all other party members, Osric has unique dialog. This dialog comes in three different forms:

  1. Banter with other party members at
  2. Dialog with Kael
  3. Comments on Dialog between Kael and someone else


With KarrinEdit

At a random point in Act 1 - 1stEdit

Osric: "So, Karrin...what's up with the tatoo?"

Karrin: "Something I picked up."

Osric: "Come on...there has got to be more to it than that? Maybe its a mysterious secret symbol for an ancient cult, or it was given to you when you defeated a demon general...or you got really pissed and woke up with it..."

Karrin: "um, Osric... It's just a tatoo."

Osric: "Come on...even I did that...I got really drunk back in Grathor and the next moment...bam...I have a tatoo of Kativa on hy arse!"

Karrin: "Oh? I'm happy for you..."

At a random point in Act 1 - 2ndEdit

Karrin: "Osric, you're a bard, so then you know many stories?"

Osric: "Yes...why?"

Karrin: "And you've written stories before?"

Osric: "Yes...your point?"

Karrin: "I've dabbled a bit, I'd like your opinion...after we're done following Kael"

Osric: "Yeah, sure...what's it about?"

Karrin: " see... It's called Of things not lost, I'd rather not speak of it."

Osric: "Aw...come on!"

Karrin: "Please Osric, later...It's about me"

Osric: "Does it have any sex? Wait...shouldn't have asked that..."

Karrin: "...No, You shouldn't have, but nevermind, later..."

At a random point in Act 1 -3rd

Osric: "I've read your Good use of personification..."

Karrin: "Thanks, you're not just saying its good to be nice?"

Osric: "Oh no! In fact, I liked the part where...oh shit! I've never cried at a piece of writing before. When I read yours, I cried a river...*sobs*"

Karrin: "I-I'm...not sure what to say...err..thank you? I've got some more if you enjoyed the other one, a lot lighter though. Maybe tonight?"

Osric: "That would, thank you."

1st Possible time after Osric is recruited (if Karrin was recruited before Osric)Edit

Karrin: "A minstrel? Kael, what are you doing?"

Osric: "I'll let you know that minstrels are highly respected people!"

Karrin: "Ah yes, And I'm King Rupert!"

Osric: "Actually, funny thing...I am kind of like the King's bastard son! I am a prince!"

Karrin: "You're...What?"

Osric: "Ha! Bow down to me...petty mage!"

Karrin: "Well, how exactly are you a help? What you going to do? Sing the Black Legion into submission?"

Osric: "Hmf!"

1st Possible time after Karrin is recruited (if Osric was recruited before Karrin)Edit

Osric: "You never mentioned we'd be picking up any women Kael?"

Karrin: "And just who do you think you are?"

Osric: "Oh...I was just thinking aloud, that's all..."

Karrin: "Ah, a misogynistic minstrel, What you going to do? Sing the black legion into submission?"

Osric: "What?! Me...misogynist? It's just that where I come from, it was generally men who saved the world."

Karrin: "Where you're from? And where might that be?"

Osric: "Oh...quite high up..."

Karrin: "Hope your head's not in the clouds"

Osric: "That is no way to speak to a man of my...heritage..."

Karrin: "Your heritage? Noble are we?"

Osric: "Noble? I'm higher up than that my dear lady..."

Karrin: "Oh I'm dear now, just how much of your head is implanted in the sun now..."

Osric: "That is no way to speak to the bastard prince of Grathor!"

Karrin: "...You do have a point"

With RebbeccaEdit

1st Possible time after Rebbecca is recruitedEdit

Osric: "So you're a thief eh?"

Rebbecca: "Yes..."

Osric: "Any good?"

Rebbecca: "Yes..."

Osric: "How good...?"

Rebbecca: "Very Good..."

Osric: "Ok, I have a key in my pocket...try and steal it..."

Rebbecca: "Already have..."

Osric: "What?!'re good..."

Rebbecca: "Yes..."

Osric: "So, can I have it back?"

Rebbecca: "No..."

With WhisperEdit

With DorganEdit

At a random point in Act 1 - 1stEdit

Dorgan: "I promise you Osric, it is the finest rock money can buy...all for 3 pieces!"

Osric: "Finest? I'm pretty sure I've seen better"

Dorgan: "Nonsense...look at that moss! This, my friend, is quality..."

Osric: "Are you sure? I'm not wasting 3 pieces on just any old rock? I'm still sure I've seen better where we've been with Kael"

Dorgan: "Come on...see that scratch, over there by the moss?"

Osric: "You have a point. Kael, what do you think?"

Kael: "No comment"



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