Orwin Manor
Sudbaya Sector 2550
Sudbaya Sector 2550, showing Orwin Manor


West Peramol


West of the East Peramol Border in Orwin


West Peramol (House Orwin)





Buildings and Facilities



See Residents section

Orwin manor is a manor in close to the East Peramolian border of West Peramol. It is about 30m x 40m in area and is surrounded by a large garden and by the farmlands of MofnilYardsic and Vallnir, all of which comprise the lording of Orwin. It is owned by House Orwin.


A list of Residents and their ages and sexes (if applicable):

Lord Soren Orwin (62, male)

Lady Kathie Orwin (62, female)

Ines Sveinsen (42, female)

Bardo Orwin (33, male)

Nilvarda Orwin (30, female)

Elsa Orwin (24, female)

Surt Orwin (10, male)

Butler (80, male)

Stable Master (42, male)

Cook (50, female)

Maid (25, female)

4 Gardeners (30, female and 27, 54, 34, males)

2 Servants (38, 27, males)

4 Guards (males)

2 Young girls (9, 10)

3 Young boys (7, 10, 13)

2 Baby boys (2, 3)


House Orwin

The Stablemaster is married to the Cook and they have a 10 year old daughter, 2 young boys aged 13 and 3, a 25 year old daughter (maid) and a 27 year old son (gardener). The maid is married to the 27 year old servant and they have a 7 year old son. The gardener is married to the 30 year old gardener and they have 2 sons (aged 10 and 2) and 1 daughter aged 9.

All other residents are not related to eachother.

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